Why Your Company Needs A Prelaunch Strategy. Crowder.pro Case Study

Marek Ciesla
3 min readApr 7, 2022


In 2022, how quickly you get attention for your product/service will matter more than its sheer usefulness of it. This means an increasing reliance on various types of collaborations (oh how bad that sounds…).

Colab — is nothing else than letting the light of a famous person bounce. Whether you invite Wojewódzkiego or Wersow it will always be a shortcut. Does it work? The answer is simple — of course.

Two months ago I jumped into Grzegorz Mizerski’s project — Crowder.pro. It is a platform for loans for real estate investments. We had two months to run the whole campaign, which would result in collecting over 600 thousand PLN to build a project of single-family houses — Sasanki. As for me, the time for implementation was very short, but the challenge was taken and we got to work.

The first thing I did was to prepare an appropriate strategy for acquiring customers. The task was extremely difficult in the financial industry because Google and Facebook algorithms practically automatically block ads. Thank you to everyone who hit Crypto… now everything is associated with advertising bots.

The strategy is written. Now we need to map out the entire flow. For this, I used Miro’s whiteboard, on which I plotted all the stages of lead acquisition, lead warming, and conversion.

The campaign was based on 3 foundations.

Digital campaign
PR activities
Colab (Collaboration with a partner)

The Digital campaign allowed us to gather a large number of people by giving away a written ebook. Then warm up through a prepared meeting with the Founder during a LIVE session on Facebook and YouTube and then using marketing automation (MailerLite).

PR activities were based on Business Insider, where the CEO Grzegorz Mizerski prepared an article called:

What to invest in 2022 or four good methods to save your savings from inflation
The effect was sensational.

More than 5 thousand users hit on the page, which also allowed us to acquire more leads for the database mailing.

Colab — Here our partner the Rozsądni Bracia were our sunshine. People who know their YouTube channels, seeing that we collect for their investments, much more easily and cheaply in terms of the cost of acquiring a lead, subscribed to the waiting list for the campaign.

Why using Colab for any campaign, whether it be Equity Crowdfunding or regular Kickstarter is important. There are different theories, but my takeaway is that branding a product or service has become more personal. It was started by Steve Jobs, whose image was completely associated with the Apple brand, then came others. Elon Musk, or in Poland Rafał Brzoska. Going further we can see that personal brands sell better than graphic stamps which are difficult to build emotional vibrations. Lack of resonance makes it hard for us to remember the brand and therefore we do not trust it.

Recently during the workshops, I gave an example related to this. Imagine that your neighbor comes to you. He rings the doorbell, you go down and open it. He smiles at you and asks by name to borrow some salt. What do you do? Usually, you come back to him with a small bag full and you don’t even think of asking him to return it. Now imagine that a homeless person rings your doorbell and asks the same thing…


The conclusion of this post is as follows — if you want to build a pre-sale campaign, Equity, or regular Kickstarter. Look for a partner who will “lend” you some of the trust you have built-in yourself.



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