SPIN-O Neapolitan Pizza Oven: Authentic Italian Pizza On Demand

Marek Ciesla
5 min readMay 20, 2021

Since its humble beginnings over 200 years, pizza has been the epicenter of social sharing. It appears at every party, get-together, and tailgate. It’s the universal crowd-pleaser that provides a complete meal or hearty snack, day or night. From its homegrown roots in Italy to its modern worldwide omnipresence, the next big thing in pizza is getting authentic Italian flavor and texture at your fingertips, on-demand.

The SPIN-O Story

The best pizza is built on passion, which is where the SPIN-O legacy begins.

Bartek and Pawel, two brothers with an appetite for adventure and delicious pizza, custom-built one of the finest food trucks on wheels- Custom Pizza Truck. Their mission was to bring authentic, Neapolitan-style pizza to the hands of hungry patrons on the go.

an invention that will change the way Neapolitan pizza is made.

With over ten years of experience in pizza making and metalworking, the brothers decided to share their pizza dreams with the rest of the world. They poured a decade of experience into their pizza oven design, eliminating the issues they’ve experienced with classical brick ovens to create a better pizza experience for all. They set out to design a portable Neapolitan pizza oven so that others could bring the delicious taste of old-world Italia wherever they go.

The SPIN-O oven is just as strong as its passionate foundation. Using the same tried and true materials their grandparents used, Bartek and Pawel’s design is a tribute to their family legacy. Made of a pure granite floor and 100% cast iron components that can last for 200 years, SPIN-O proves reliable and durable to satisfy your pizza cravings without fail.

SPIN-O distinguishes itself from other pizza ovens in its design. Unlike box-style ovens or modern pizza ovens, SPIN-O is modeled after the original brick-style Neapolitan ovens that give pizza its discerning texture, crispness, and flavor. Its patented design uses not one but three gas diffusers to evenly heat the oven’s floor and ensure every pizza looks and tastes perfect.

And, thanks to the mechanically rotational floor, you don’t need to take pizza out of the oven and rotate it with your fingers and risk burning them on the peel, nor does it require a rotational pizza peel. Rather, the pizza simply rotates inside and stays there throughout the baking process.

Unbreakable Design, Unbeatable Taste

Its portable design helps you feed a crowd with savory cuisine no matter where you travel. Its sturdy cast iron components last a lifetime-buy it once and you’re set for life.

And its middle-market price makes it easy for you to get your money’s worth!

Other pizza ovens range from $599 up to $2,000 or more! But none of today’s pizza ovens compare to what SPIN-O provides.

Lower-end versions like the Ooni Pro Outdoor Oven look sleek and stylish, but they only have one diffuser and the one-piece design makes it hard to clean. Plus, it doesn’t come from a long history and tradition of the Custom Pizza Truck family.

Higher-end ovens like the stainless steel Alfa Ciao can’t match the durability and strength of SPIN-O’s cast iron design. They also can’t match the portability and cooking prowess of the SPIN-O. They’ve obnoxiously large and too expensive to provide the same, simple experience that our pizza experts have created with SPIN-O.

SPIN-O’s design has been thoughtfully prepared from start to finish. When you’re done, the oven can be completely disassembled and cleaned after each use. Competitor pizza ovens don’t allow for this option, as their designs are fixed. You have the option to thoroughly clean your oven and make it brand new after every use.

An Upper Crust Experience

Premium materials create premium Italian pizzas, with every pizza baked to perfection — the way it should be.

SPIN-O is where luxury meets convenience. It heats to 400–500℃ in about 15 minutes — about the same time it will take you to prep your pizza dough and ingredients. Then, just 90 seconds of baking time stands between you and a truly authentic Italian meal to feed your entire family, or just yourself.

And thanks to its unique design, SPIN-O is a clear winner for cooking fish, poultry, seafood, veggies, and other foods that deserve a high-caliber experience. Just place it in our SPIN-O cast iron cooking dishes to evenly heat and cook your meal while locking in flavor. Even heating and cooking helps to lock in flavor, making every bite worth savoring.

Whatever savory dish you’re cooking up, you’ll be the food hero in your neighborhood. Every evening, weekend, and holiday transforms into an epic event, with SPIN-O stealing the show. Be it a camping trip, roof-top party, family vacation, T.G.I.F blast, or friendly gathering, your portable SPIN-O will be your Plus One that’s always invited along for the ride.

SPIN-O isn’t just a symbol of luxury. It’s a life-changing convenience that combines style and function with today’s desire for life on-demand, making it one of the best things ever to happen to pizza since pizza itself!

Join the SPIN-O Pizza Elitists

Good food makes life worth living, and you won’t find a better way to enjoy a meal than SPIN-O.

SPIN-O combines all the best features of pizza ovens and makes them better, giving it a unique space in the market to delight taste buds around the world and make a name for itself no other oven can compete with.

SPIN-O will be available to the public for $1299, but our Kickstarter Backers can scoop up their own SPIN-O for $799 for a limited time. In addition, we’re offering Kickstarter fans a chance to add the ultimate and complete Pizzaiolo Set, a thoughtfully curated collection that will include ALL the accessories and tools to be the neighborhood hero.

spin-o pizza Oven

Discover the best thing to happen to pizza since, well, pizza! Stay tuned for more details to come.



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