How do you use workflow processes to your company’s advantage?

Marek Ciesla
8 min readMay 20, 2022

A company can operate in a variety of sectors — from retail to manufacturing to agriculture, with everything in between. Different company policies may be implemented, and different solutions or practices may be used. However, no matter what tools and methods are used in a given company, one thing remains constant, and that is the need for an efficient workflow.

Yes, it is impossible to imagine a company without documents accompanying it at every step. Their efficient organization, arrangement, and transfer between the parties may largely determine the success of the company, both in the context of legal obligations, as well as cooperation with customers or partners, and thus the broadly understood efficiency of operation and reliability of collaboration.

In the era of the present dynamic development of technology, one can expect that the market will offer a number of solutions that will properly respond to the omnipresent problem of document circulation. And indeed, by browsing the Internet and looking for answers to the issues we face, one can find many tools for automated support of document workflow in a company.

However, are those solutions answering the real needs of companies and properly expanding their activities, at the same time creating a field for effective market action in the sphere the company deals with, without the necessity of constant, occupying care for documents? Both yes and no.

Today, we are going to take a look at the solutions available on the market, which enjoy the most tremendous popularity in order to work out an opinion on what really has a chance to support a company in the sphere of document handling and not only create a false impression that everything is under control.

The solutions of the current market and what we are missing in them

Below are presented some of the most recognizable tools for automated document handling that can be found on the Polish market.


The Autenti website appears exceptionally high in web browsers when searching for automated document workflow. However, in the descriptions of the solution, one can find information that it is a tool primarily for the remote signing of documents, which has been extended with tools for transferring documents within the company. The workflow is therefore fully electronic, supported by document status updates, encryption, and the requirement for electronic sealing in order to ensure authenticity. Everything is done from the access to the account on the Autenti platform, taking into account the defined sequence of document recipients and in integration with the system sending notifications to particular participants of the process.

Screen of UI of Autenti that helps sign documents

The presentation of the solution, in general, is impressive. However, in the case of an experienced entrepreneur, a number of questions may arise at the very beginning which questions the effectiveness of the Autenti platform. The tool only supports a fully electronic, internal document flow. But what if the process needs to involve a client or partner from outside? How can the platform support processes involving paper documentation (e.g. when manual signatures are required)? Is the company left on its own in these situations?

Plus Workflow by Suncode

The tool proposed by the company is dedicated primarily to the electronic circulation of invoices. In the area of the presented functionalities of the Suncode solution, you can find purchase requests, budget planning, handling of prepayments, invoice acceptance, archiving, and assigning invoices to orders. As you can see, the solution does not go beyond the invoice workflow, so it is not adapted to any other types of documents, including a wide range of contracts. Therefore, it is hard to find any variety dedicated to those types of documents (within the other modules only archiving and document scanning options are recognized). But not only. Speaking of invoices, where is the possibility of qualified signatures? Thus, the need for manual signing is not associated with the tool in any way. As you can see, this solution, too, allows the realization of only strictly defined scenarios of document workflow, leaving no room for freedom of action and integrity of document handling in its full dimension.

Plus workflow by Suncode


Bitrix24 is a solution presented as a program for the electronic circulation of documents directed at accelerating processes and simplifying operations. After getting acquainted with the functionality proposed by the Bitrix24 authors, one can indicate the creation of document templates, controlling user access, managing file editing, and document indexing. Optimal task management, controlling the effectiveness of actions or process support in integration with other tools (Google Drive, e-mail, etc.) is included in this scope.


But does this tool offer something more than combining in one place editing processes, not even as much as company documents, but simply files used in the company for one reason or another? Is this what entrepreneurs looking for an efficient document workflow optimization care about the most? As a preliminary question, how are documents managed once they are properly completed? Are they archived? Does the support include their identification, signing, encryption, or forwarding to recipients? Unfortunately, for Bitrix24 users the search for answers to these questions remains within the scope of their own creativity.


Logito is promoted as a proprietary platform that supports electronic document and invoice workflow and communication within the workflow. This support includes process monitoring, reporting, electronic signature handling, and integration with other tools. Importantly, the platform includes a scanning module that uses OCR functions for visual recognition. Documents can also be viewed with quick search functions and integrated with a notification system.

Logito document flow software

Logito’s proposal is certainly surprising compared to other, much more limited market solutions. However, a reasonable entrepreneur will not settle for a tool that is incomplete to any extent. What are we talking about? First of all, the need to go beyond the usual framework. The current business is moving forward, and with it should the enterprises. So what should you expect from software supporting document circulation? Care about handwritten signatures or easy identification of documents while ensuring complete confidentiality of data, support for communication with the partner, also external, who is a participant in the implemented workflow. As the analysis shows, this range of functionality is also limited by Logito.

Bpower2 — the multifunctional workflow solution

Bpower2 is an intuitive tool for organizing the work of projects involving collaborative activities. The system is an optimal solution for enterprises that keep on looking for support in the workflow field, from many industries. Its main goal is to provide an easy exchange of
information between people working on a single project.

However, Bpower2’s functionalities also extend far beyond this area. So what makes this system stand out from its competition?

The CRM system developed by Bpower2 is based on complementary functionalities, which enable managing the relationships with customers with mutual satisfaction. The tool is characterized by solid flexibility and personalization, thus responding to the needs of numerous organizations and their customers. It is possible to achieve that due to complementary modules with innovative functionalities, guaranteeing, among other things, precise project planning, project scheduling, structuring of project-related messages exchanged, and sales opportunities managing.

The information provided in emails is integrated with the customer and then automatically linked to the relevant project. In addition, the
system is able to process large volumes of documents, regardless of their type. Moreover, the solution also supports a central file repository integrated with external document storage services and allows files to be easily transferred between the company and its business

What to do when available workflow solutions do not meet your expectations?

Does this mean that the market, with its still significant progress in technology and digitalization, still does not provide an optimal tool for electronic document workflow, and entrepreneurs are still left with the problem on their own?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Entrepreneurial action is not about deciding on the first better tool, but about looking for less obvious choices. And to make it easier for you today, there is a new solution on the market that seems to know better than the entrepreneurs what their document workflow needs. This tool is Activatio, which will certainly become the best business partner for many companies.

Activatio, a way to extend and streamline your document workflow

Activatio is a tool for a wide range of activities within document circulation and control. It is an optimal solution because it combines the functionality of both team communication and task management as well as automated document circulation. However, in this case, the mentioned workflow doesn’t include only standard functions offered by the competition, but it significantly extends this range with innovations that can’t be found among other offers.
So what does Activatio offer its users? Let’s find out!

Activatio with built OCR and Hybrid post management

As a first feature, it is extremely easy to read and handle documents with built-in OCR for efficient scanning. What’s more, these activities can be efficiently performed in a team — by sharing files and sharing comments with other users in a convenient chat. The program is adapted to any type of document that may appear in the company. It is also possible to choose the type of signature — facsimile, qualified or manual. Yes, manual! So how can a digital program support a manual signature?

It turns out that Activatio developers found a way to do it — the program is associated with a QR code printer, which includes an automatic shipping label. This solution allows for easy integration with courier services, so with full efficiency documents are sent to any recipient that requires a manual signature. Too complicated and risky? It turns out not, thanks to the possibility of a Quick scan of QR code through the Activatio application, which allows you to control the status of the document all the time.

The solution also includes a built-in notification system that will take care of proper time optimization of the tasks.
So does Activatio allow for a significant simplification of operation in the area of document handling with a simultaneous extension of offered functionalities? It seems so. And this is how automation in business should be understood!



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